How To Have Gorgeous, Natural-Looking Eyes

Over the past couple of years I’ve used a number of techniques and products that have made a huge difference in the appearance of my eyes and I’m pleased to be able to share what I’ve learned.


I’ve come to believe that full brows make a face look younger. Have you ever noticed babies with thick, filled eyebrows? It’s because they’re squinting!

I’ve had wonderful brows since I was young, so I don’t need to tell you how important they are.


I’ve been a regular self-tanner for years now. I like the healthy glow only a little color change can give me. For years I routinely apply about 15 drops (depending on thickness) to my legs and face. I just scrub my face if I have a zit or break out in spots.

When I first started self-tanning I applied it only to my elbows and knees because I was worried about wrinkling. Lately, I’ve been adding it to my face. I simply use the apple of my cheeks and my forehead.

I apply it once a day and I don’t need to buy an expensive cream-not for a couple of times a week. My once-$50 investment has paid for itself after almost no cost-my figure includes the cost of my self-tanning product. (No nose-hair spray either!)

My 2 tips for the best self-tanner:

Exfoliate. You’ll get a better and longer lasting tan if you scrub your skin daily with a loofah or an exfoliating glove.

Don’t shave. You’ll get a better tan if you leave your legs shaven. While you’re at it, consider getting trim and ex-foliated at least once a week.

If you use the self-tanner and it doesn’t turn out right, don’t worry. There are a lot of people who achieved their perfect tan after their first application. Take your time and wait long enough for the tan to develop.

Moisturize. When a person has applied self-tanner, it produces a rich, warm atmosphere on the skin. This is the body’s way of protecting itself from burns from high tan levels.

This healthy protection against burns is why people will experience a slight sunburn if they don’t moisturize enough. Before applying tanner to the entire body, wait for a period of 2-3 hours. This allows the tan to set.

To speed up the tanning process use a loofah sponge to scrub the skin daily. A loofah will help circular motions to increase the blood circulation on the skin.

Bring special tanning products to use if you aren’t good at applying it on your own. Tanning spray and moisturizers are available at any salon and drug stores.

First, exfoliate. Remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin by scrubbing using a loofah or an exfoliating glove.

Second, apply a self-tanner. Now, this is important. If you plan to tan your face, you have to use a lotion for the face. In addition to getting a good tan, the facial lotion protects the face from being damaged.

Use the loofah or an exfoliating glove to scrub the skin in your face. Be gentle with your facial skin. Only scrub it when it’s dirty or the result will be painful.

After exfoliating, apply your facial tanning lotion. Now, you’re ready to tan. Lightly rub the lotion into your skin, start at the cheapest part of your body and then spread it to the rest of your body.

Move quickly from the feet up to the chest. Use the same amount of tanning lotion on each spot. Ensure you apply it evenly. Remove the gloves, body liner, and towel. Put on your wedding gown and adjust the straps.

Now look in a mirror! wink! That’s right, wink, because most brides will walk down the aisle in front of the groom’s head. They will walk with a smile and a knowing wink.

In a rapid motion, slide the arms up behind the head. The physical act of moving your arms will make your head rise and fall forward, change the way you look and make others say, “Wow, you look great!”

wink! And smile as big as you can. That will be assurance that others will know you have just received a good haircut.

How do you make it all seem so easy? Keep reading. You’ll discover the remainder of this article very interesting.

Good haircuts cost a lot of money.

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