Is Your Lotion Toxic? How To Identify And Avoid Toxic Skin Care Products

Is your moisturizer slowly killing you?

I know these questions may sound a little far fetched, but in fact it is very possible that some of the skin care products you use daily actually contain toxins that may trigger allergic reactions and damage to your skin.

It’s easy to identify these toxins with little effort. Once you have identified suspected toxins, you can follow the easy step by step test to rule out toxic skin care products.

Step 1: Eliminate known toxic ingredients

You can easily eliminate known toxic ingredients by consulting your dermatologist or the product manufacturer. But, you may be surprised to learn some ingredients commonly used in skin care products may be proven to be just as toxic as coal tar or formaldehyde.

You shouldn’t be afraid to eliminate known toxic skin care ingredients by consulting an expert like your dermatologist.

Step 2: Check the labels

But before you eliminate products from your diet, it is important to check the labels to identify other ingredients.

Secret ingredient #1 for skin care products is lanolin. It is good to know that many products containing lanolin are not actually lanolin.

You can confirm that other ingredients like vitamins E, C and D are also excellent for your skin in these products.

They are made of water and essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega- 6.

Step 3: Find out what your skin needs

Pay attention to the needs of your skin. For example, are you dealing with an oily or dry skin or something more complex like Results?

If you need something more specific like Results, you need to know if it solves the oily or dry issue or if it both.

Step 4: Check carefully if the product has a moisturizer

After eliminating questionable ingredients and after knowing what your skin needs, you are now less than a month away from finding out what your skin resolve.

Before you buy a product that has a moisturizer, you should first check to see if it has one.

Make sure the moisturizer’s key ingredients like essential fatty acids, vitamin E, glycerin, and antioxidants can be found in the product.

Sunscreen moisturizers are highly recommended as they solve both of your skin problems.

Step 5: Read reviews and customer testimonials

Before buying a product online or on the store, you can always read reviews and customer testimonials to learn more about the product and to find out how other people solve the skin issues they face.

Also, you can find a safe place online to gather honest product review and testimonials.

Often, although you win the battle against your acne, you may still face other skin problems that you didn’t before you began using the product.

If you are reading product reviews and testimonials, try to avoid using products that have a high Vitamin A content.

It is advised that you should not choose a skin care product that has a Vitamin A level less than 5%.

If you are looking for a skin care line, but you are not sure which one to choose, try to compromise and combine two products.

For example, you can use a cleanser with a Vitamin C addition for added anti-oxidizing benefits.

When selecting an acne treatment, make sure that you base your acne treatment on the proven all natural treatments available.

Some treatments are only available in a cream and you have to massage it on your skin. Others are only available as a gel and you have to apply it directly on your skin.

It means buying a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. But if you already have a high quality cleanser and toner then adding a moisturizer seems not necessary.

Also, you can combine the treatments so that you can achieve a total acne control.

This way you can stop using harsh gel and balm and moisturize on a daily basis using the all natural means available.

And for those who suffer from acne, it means using natural treatment in order to control the breakouts and prevent further acne from occurring.

So there you have it.

Now you know what to look for.

So shake some hands with the other women and introduce yourself in front of an acne plagued face.

The least you can do is help out and share the same with some of them.

So it doesn’t matter whether you have acne or pimples, follow the right acne treatment and you will surely be Thanks for it.

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