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ABBA, or Three-Body Body Body Art, is a regular body art pattern created on the tops of peoples’ hands, backs, and faces. Though the concept is simple, the level of intricacy is what separates the various body art designs found on most people today. While simplicity is generally left for the advanced level, the ninety-nine percent of people who choose to go for body art techniques typically make an effort to get the best look possible. The kind of look these artists are looking to achieve is nothing short of an artistic statement. While there are a variety of body art designs to choose from, most of them stick to a theme. Even though there’s no stating that there’s a meaning behind the designs, there’s a level of technique in applying them. Otherwise, the designs are simple enough to beoreal, and in a sense, they can easily be considered just ordinary nail art.

While there’s a level of skill involved in permanently coloring one’s nails, most body art artists only apply polish to the top layer of the nail. The color is usually top coat or clear coat, and it’s applied in the same manner one would use a clear nail polish. The difference between clear nail polish and body art is the absence or thinness of pigment in the design. In most cases, even though the design is simple, one still needs to use the services of a powerhouse makeup artist to get the look they want.

There are two Pilgrim events that you’re able to go to for a nail artist: the yearly Chi Fashion Week event, and the annual Tipra Fashion Week event. Both events teach nail techs and anyone interested in getting a manicure or nail art to come out and show off their creative talents. attending either of these events is a good idea if you want to see some amazing innovative designs and styles. It’s also a chance to get a sneak peak at what the future holds for nail artists, and what amazing designs they may come up with for you!

Always consider the following when choosing a nail art design:

• Who else but you will be sitting at the design desk each morning?• Who else but you will be standing or walking through the door at the start of the day?• Who else but you will be getting coffee or a gummage at the end of the day?• Who else but you will be getting lunch or some snacks?

The more you learn to consider the above, the better your chances are of getting a great work out. Surely, you’ve heard the old saying “Practice makes perfect”? That’s true when it comes to perfecting your nail art. It’s true when you’re applying design with your nails.

Still, you may be tempted to simply go with whatever comes out of the box. To be sure, if you simply can’t find anything out of the box, you should consider asking for pointers to help you find the right splurge. Consider this a second chance to make sure your design won’t look like a home version of fingernail polish.

If you find that you are lacking the basic skills needed to get a creative design on your nails, consider going to a nail salon. Nail salons can provide expert nail care and design for you and your nails.

To make sure you always have the best possible nails, I recommend that you buy a set of tools that every nail tech should have – which is a set of nail files, a set of nail buffers and a buffer press. This way, you’ll always have the latest technology available to you, and you’ll be sure to always achieve the best look.

Consider adding a paraffin/glycol mixture to the nail polish which will strengthen the protein bond in the nails after UV exposure.

If you find that your nails are brittle or weak, then first apply a strength enhancing treatment to your nails and nails, and then consider strengthening them in the way you always suggested above.

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