Rhinoplasty – Non-Surgical Techniques That Are Used

The “fifteen minute nose job” or non-surgical rhinoplasty is increasing in popularity as an alternative to traditional surgical nose work procedures. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose but have not wanted to undergo surgery, you’re in luck. Cosmetic surgeons have been using injectable fillers in the face for many years now with plenty of success. Surgeons are now able to use these injections to shape and contour into a desired silhouette.

Advantages over the Traditional Nose Job

Surgical nose jobs, while effective, are expensive, time consuming, and like any surgery, come with their own set of risks. After all this fuss, it is possible you may even end up with unsatisfactory results and have to have the surgery corrected. Nose-shaping injections can take as little as fifteen minutes to be applied and do not involve any incisions or scarring. Results can be seen very quickly without the long healing time associated with traditional rhinoplasty, and you can even watch the entire injection procedure as it is applied for total control.

The disadvantage of this type of work is that it cannot correct certain severe problems. If you feel your nose is too large or you have a large bump in the bridge, this may not be the best option for you because it cannot alter the underlying cartilage the way traditional jobs can. However, if you want to even it out and smooth areas, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great option. However, always do your research to ensure that the person doing the non-surgical work is certified and has a license to practice this type of work.

Another advantage is that it will less require follow-up visits to your physician. Collagen injection treatments are finished within a few days, and your physician will write up a prescription based on the results achieved. If you work with a highly skilled professional, you will heal rather quickly using these injections, and you will not need to return to your doctor for touch-ups or checks on possible side effects. Each treatment will cost about the same as the round-by-round non-surgical approach, minus the possible staggered pricing impacting on your work schedule.

This non-surgical option is safe and effective. It will not require you to follow any antibiotic, avoid certain vitamins, or avoid certain things such as tea and pencil because it is not a surgery and therefore, there is no recovery time.

Although non-surgical options are separating and retail consumers are Machine-Only, the FDA has not approved the use of non-surgical procedures equal to surgery as a replacement for rhinoplasty. So, even though many consumers feel like it is less invasive than traditional surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty is still quite invasive.

Keep in mind, this non-surgical option looks just like surgery and has just as much potential to fail as surgery does. You must be prepared to take the time off work and away from your children to deal with your rhinoplasty. Non-surgical chin work will require you to take time off of work or provide your children with care for their mother’s chin.

By choosing to go with non-surgical chin implants, you will not be required to endure any recovery period. Most people are happy with one rhinoplasty, but you may need to undergo as many as three or four for a more skilled surgeon.

Non-surgical chin work is successful for most people. It is a viable way to return to work, the same price as plastic surgery, and much safer than letting a highly skilled surgeon carry out major operating procedures.

Today, people who are bothered by a particular part of their face can turn to permanent make-up, Botox, or a non-surgical chin implant to eliminate a feature that no longer works well. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, many women and men are choosing to solve minor problems through make-ups or injections.

However, plastic surgery is never a “one size fits all,” treatment. A individual will vary greatly depending on age, body build, skin type, and other factors.

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