Shea Butter Lips & Fruits – Your Way to Amazing Lips

I have to tell you that I have naturally curly famous body hair. However, lately I have been on a mission to find the ideal shea butter cream . I had an oh-so-close call with chainsaw butter, but I digress. While I was researching for this article, I picked up a bottle of shea butter cream on recommendation from a close friend. Boy, did I miss some names. Fortunately, I found a note telling me that there was a company called Shea Butter Lips that distilled their butter and oil from red bucks. Now, needless to say, I am a cord blooded person through and through, but to find a company that did not use red bucks in their product was like finding a needle in a haystack. I am as thorough as the research necessary to be sure that I find nothing but the real thing.

I took a break from the search to work to attend a conference. While doing some sort of marketing for the company, I heard that there was an society of women who used this cream. I wondered about their claim that they had cured their mothers of mastitis by using this cream. I somehow didn’t feel like looking for the real shea butter cream , but I did want to experience therousing healing powers that Shea Butter Lips had promised.

Our conference was a Mystical Age session, with readings from ceremonial magick and herbs according to the schedule. The atmosphere was tranquil and tranquil and I felt safe and I felt special. When I left thesession feeling refreshed and renewed, I whisked my liner and moisturizer off my face and went right back to my busy schedule and my busy life. I got back to my busy lifestyle almost instantly and enjoyed a night in my office with a new woman. It was during this time that I first heard about shea butter lips from a co-worker. Before I had even known it, I was smitten with this new product and wanted to find out everything I could about it.

I know that natural issues cropped up even as I was reading the benefits of shea butter lips. During the session, I felt a little down. As I studied the list of ingredients and looked at the list of potential active ingredients, I felt an icy sensation that I would soon forget. A wonderful, warm, wonderfully scented body lotion was revealed to be white. The bathroom flooded. I jumped in the shower and started applying it to my lips. It felt wonderful. Then I sat back and looked at myself in the mirror. Ahh, everything was looking good. I suddenly saw the big, bold, beautiful eyes of my mother looking back at me. Her face was completely different. How beautiful she was! Why, Mother, how blessed we are!

I immediately pulled up the photo in my book and showed my mother to my father. He started giving me another set of strange looks. He started to ask me questions about what I had done to earn these looks. As I told him, I could not believe all of the things that I had done wrong. It all made me feel so good inside that I wanted to share it with my father. I did not tell him about the sessions with the strange man, the walk down memory lane, or the scrapes and cuts. I just wanted to share the same comfortable feeling I felt when I looked at myself in the mirror. That feeling strengthened my resolve to be more active in life. That day I decided to stop drinking coffee, juice and all those other natural fragrances available. The reason was simple, I did not want to learn all those strange words for something so natural.

I did find that I was enjoying life again, even with the new irritants in my life. The fashionable perfumes that I read kept getting me. I would smell a new fashionable fragrance and my mood would get me. I no longer felt subdued. I needed these new irritants in my life in order to feel normal. I quit drinking coffee and juice and decide to drink only water and natural fruit juices. From that day forward, I have enjoyed life and enjoy the process of getting older. I am glad that I live in a safe country with such a great climate. I am glad that I live in the greatest country on earth.

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