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Are you constantly biting your nails and never seem to get rid of the habit? Well you are always there at the wrong time, when you leave your house, your toes itch, and you decide to hit a small add shade under your nails to relieve some pressure. You bite your nails when the tension is gone, but the problem doesn’t go away. It grows back and gets worse than ever.

Ever been this person? I was constantly aware of it, and it ate away at me. I would get the urge to bite my nails when the house was cold, and I was with someone I really didn’t want to have my hands bitten. All the while I was frantic, because I knew that if I didn’t stop biting my nails, I would look like aettes girl with chippedipped nails.

After numerous attempts to break this habit, I managed to get it under control, but still it would pop up at the most inopportune moments. The funny thing was, I didn’t mind the looks from other people, I never really noticed until they commented on it. It’s fair, you didn’t either, but since it was such a big thing to me, I wanted to make sure to take care of it.

Ever been anywhere when something didn’t seem right with your nails? Any place where other people did? You couldn’t quite figure it out? When you walked through a crowd of people, and there was a smell that made you turn just in time to escape them, what did you do? You bit your nails.

Okay, I might be exaggerating, but this is what did happen to me. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “never bit your nails,” but it was as if, for no reason at all, my nails had become infected. They were uncomfortably warm, and my whole hand was stiff. I didn’t even want to eat anything for a week!

I don’t know if this is like it, but the feeling I got from biting my nails was almost identical to the feeling I got from having braces put in. It was just a, what’s the word I’m going to use here? shock. I don’t know if it is appropriate to say that I am happy with my situation, but as a substitute I have chosen to call it a nail biting cure.

My fear of going out in public again was pretty much eliminated, and I was able to go to the store and buy several bottles of nail polish (not the other brands) that I hadn’t previously owned and had spent a ridiculous amount of time picking through the clutter and looking for the perfect colors for me.

My best friend was a long way out of the area, and as I was finishing up my nails, she asked me what had happened.

“Biting my nails isn’t anything to be ashamed of,” I barked back at her. “I am a grown woman, and I am free to do what I please.”

And I wasn’t going to just say anything, because what I really wanted to say was this: Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to change it. What difference does it make if you like it or not? Hey, you are who you are, and we love who you are. The only thing we don’t like is having people yell at you for it. Like I said, I am a grown woman, and I am free to do what I please.

And I am so happy that I am able to do this. Because growing up, I wasn’t always able to do this. I had a meth problem, and chose to be mean to people in general. Which came back to bite me, because I tended to people, and I had to go to therapy sessions a lot. And it took me years to learn that the things I was doing were not right.

And, ever since I have been growing up, advice I never really got. From my mom to my little sister, I asked nothing about growing up and what it was to do. And even when I began to express an interest in growing something bigger, I was always told me that I was too young.

And it took me until I was an old enough to do this, to realize that I wasn’t being raised the way I should be. I was always told that I was too light-toned, too pretty, and that I didn’t have the life I wanted. And it wasn’t long until I realized that this was my life.

And there I was, throwing away my fair share of advice. I left the house at six thirty in the morning. I got a little tipsy, and decided that it was time to stop Being rebellious.

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