Want to Look Sexy and Bronzed For Longer? Here Are Some Simple Makeup Tips!

Have you ever wondered how girls dealt with those sexy, deep bronze tan lines that happen from being outside in the sun? Did you ever think that you could get the same look by sitting at the indoor beach? Well, read on for some simple makeup tips that will help you get that sexy look!

Firstly, you need to get a base tan, and it is recommended that you wax first if you are going to get a spray tan. Anyway, you need to get a nice date for your first fake tan! Lovely! You will need to shave your legs; I recommend using an aftershave for this.

When you have had a few days to grow back your tan, clean off all the fake tan and give yourself a really good clean shave. Prep your skin by using an exfoliator. Apply your fake tan in patches, not in one big gushing flow.

If you have ever had a fake tan that turned out streaky, it means that you have over applied the product. The solution is to apply a few dots of brown or brown/black to the spot that is supposed to have it. Then you need to wait for the tan to develop in the real sun. This takes several hours.

Finally, apply some moisturizing lotion to your legs, face and hands to get rid of any dryness and prevent itching. Wear a pair of cotton gloves to keep the tan on your hands and nails. If you’re going to be swimming in the sea, I recommend using someorous shampoo or conditioner.

After an hour or two of exposure to the sun, you will start to see some effects – most obviously the bronze color. If the color is already “alpha”, Medium or Dark Bronze will lift the tan and get rid of the fake tan.

Remove the tan from your skin using an exfoliator. If you have any fake tanning products on your skin, remove them – even the expensive ones! Go one shade lighter in color.

To avoid having the tan on your clothes, you should cover those areas when exfoliating.

If you have any tanning bags in your closet, you can lift the color with a moisturizer. Dry patches on your skin will lift the color as well.

Finally, you have to decide the right shade for your complexion. Some people go for Orange Bronze, which is brighter than your natural skin tone. If you’re not that adventurous, you can use an easily applicable bronzer.

Here’s a guide to the shades that look good on you (fill in the blanks).

Your Sunburned Skin Color/ Shake

If you turned red, your face has become pretty red from the sun. Or, you may have sunburned. Feel like you look like a cooked lobster? The color is carried over from the sun into the creases of your skin and will wash off as skin burns do.

People with pale skin should not use anything that is red or that has a green tint unless it is designed for a pale skin tone.

If you are tan, but your color is not as bright as you want it to be, you may want to tone down the bronzer or blusher. If you used a bright blush, it will be a lot darker when you go darker.

To make your bronzer/blusher stand out, you should apply it at your temples and down to your cheekbones.

Before you apply any foundation or concealer, you should take a step back and look at the color you want your skin to be. If you want your cheekbones and eyes to appear higher, you should choose a darker shade of blush.

You can control the intensity of blush with a light or dark brown eye shadow. If you are fair skinned and want a more extravagant look, you can apply an emerald green in place of a dark brown.

The darker the shade of eye shadow you choose, the heavier the blush will be. Ex: If you want your eyes to appear greenish, choose a dark green; if dark skin, choose medium green.

Also if you want your lips to appear more kissable, choose a lighter shade of lip liner.

If you do not want to wear blush, but you want your eyes and lips to look asparticular enhanced, you can line the inside of your lips with a light brown liner. You should(only slightly) overlap the liner and the shade of your lipstick.

Finally, do not forget to add a little gloss to make your lips look fuller.

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