What is Dandruff? – Understanding the White Stuff

Dandruff or Pityriasis capitis, is quite a common condition that formulates on the scalp of the head. It is not a painful condition, although it might cause the bearer to itch the scalp – it is more of a problem because the sight of dandruff is somewhat undesirable and in extreme cases it can be an embarrassment – leading people to hide under hats and self-consciously brush the white stuff from their shoulders and the backs of clothing.

Dandruff is however, more often than not a natural part of hair growth cycle. Excessive flaking of dead skin on the scalp is inevitable. Scalp is always shedding dead skin cells at least twice a month. In winter these dead skin cells flake off in the head and in summer they shine out from the shoulders in neat batches.

The white stuff that can be seen on the shoulders is actually the dead skin cells of the scalp that have been pushed out due to the immense stress of the extreme weather condition.

Normal healthy skin keeps flaking off on the skin and cause the dead skin to be pushed out. This will naturally happen in a healthy skin. If the condition of the scalp is healthy then so is the skin that is on the scalp.

Scalp has different conditions ranging from simple dandruff to more serious infections. The fingers and toes are most prone to infections.

There are different forms of dandruff – one form is caused by the fungus Malassezia furfur. The other type is caused by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

Finger and toe nail fungus is more serious but it is easy to cure. The doctor’s oral medications are effective and they cause no permanent side effects. Therilotherapy is effective against this condition but it is expensive. The home treatment is also very cost effective.

The last common cause of dandruff is the human perspire. The human put on lotions and dust when they are sleeping. The heavy perspire can cause dandruff and block the skin pores which create the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

Long term treatment for dandruff is difficult to achieve because the fungus grows regardless of how hard the skin heals. The fungus always grows in the hair follicle of the scalp and whatever you do to try to get rid of the fungus will never be completely effective. Dandruff is difficult to treat through topical applications as the skin is never over the skin which is why it is also difficult to get rid of the fungus.

Most of the time the main cause of dandruff is alsoimilation which is when substances in your diet get digested and not properly eliminated by the body. People that fail to eat a proper diet are most likely to have a dandruff problem. If you fail to eat a balanced diet you are without a natural protection against the harsh rays of the sun, free radicals, and lactic acid in your water that can cause a dandruff problem.

Some of the effective things you can do to avoid dandruff:

Use a good quality shampoo with a good reputation for treating dandruff. If you are desirous of finding a better quality shampoo for your mane use the suggestions in the above present article.

Use a good quality conditioner to give your hair a rest from all the stress of styling and processing.

Deep condition the hair, use a hot oil treatment for 15 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment. To find a good hot oil treatment use a herbal treatment shampoo ortreatment wash. The herbal treatment shampoo is usually a home made recipe of natural herbs and they are very effective.

Reduce the use of styling products and deep conditioners. These contain lots of chemicals and they should be used sparingly.

Consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and proteins. Hair is formed from protein.

Never use a brush or comb when wet. Use a wide toothed comb to prevent hair loss even as the hair is wet.

Consume milk to get a healthy head of hair.

elled shampoo can be used in cases of severe dandruff.

Mix two teaspoons of vinegar and six teaspoons of disodium EDTA in a solution of 2 cups of water. Add the solution to your shampoo and give a thorough scalp massage.

Stubborn curls are easy to break by using a good quality flat iron. Use ashirt and lightly plaster the hair to the roots.

Get a follicle probe and grab the hair near the root. Pluck out the offending hair.

Secret #3 – Minimize the Use of Chemical handsome protects from drying out the scalp. Hair is like a plant. If there is water added to it the plant will wilt. The same can be said for your scalp. Having said that here are some simple tips for maintaining the popped follicles.

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