What Is Stamping Nail Art?

Stamping nail art is a new craze all you nail freaks will love. You can customize your manicure in minutes with 100’s of unique designs which would usually only be available in nail salons.

1. Its very simple you select the image you want from your Nail Art Image Plate.

2. Apply the nail stamping polish.

3. Quickly remove excess nail polish with your Nail Art Scraper.

4. Press Stamp onto image then apply to your nails.

You can apply a clear top coat to make your designs last even longer.

There are hundreds of image plates to choose from you can buy small starter kits or larger advanced kits you can also buy image plates, polish and the nail art stamper and scraper separately.

The best of nail colours can be put to shame if the shape and nail plate is not in good condition. The nail polish will fail to give the desired smooth shiny result if the nails are not well kept. In short, the ‘canvas’ that you are going to paint on must be smooth and well shaped. Smoothness can be easily achieved with a leather buffer used on the nail, point to remember here is that the buffing strokes must be done towards the free edge, i.e. in the direction of the nail growth. Never use steel files or metal files to shape the nail as they can damage the nail plates resulting in shattering and causing grooves.

Once you have shaped and polished your nails, you can play around with various patterns. The basic shapes can be used to create stripes, polka dots, hearts and other shapes. The best thing about nail art is that any shape can be tried because the nail plate is blank and the design isVirtual.

It’s easy to create different shapes of nail art. One of the easiest and fun things to do is to use various nail polish colours and write the design over them. One colour will suit a particular design and if you don’t like it, you can change it to something else. Also the various colours can be used to create patterns. It is extremely easy to create nail art and the results are amazing.

In detail, nail art consists of painting with various nail colours on to a bare nail plate. Usually the colours are different shades brighter or darker than the base coat. Sometimes there are special coats with glitter or things like that to decorate the nails even more.

among the various nail art designs, 3D nail art is one of the most demanding among the users. About 3D nail art, the design is moulded on to the nail plate. The 3D nail art is a yummy job that can become an exciting activity for the children. The children can get their favorite design on their nails. Also if the adults like it, it surely becomes a must. One of the 3D nail art designs is the cheetah mask where the design is moulded to the lower side of the nail plate.

There are also 3D nail art designs of fruits. Those fruits are mostly popular among the youngsters. among the adults also, like a lot of 3D nail art designs, the fruits are fruits of the earth. They are naturally beautiful and not much effort is needed to make them. The 3D nail art of a rose is one of the most beautiful and elegant design. There are also 3D nail art designs of birds, stingrays and other natural creatures. Nail art of fruits is very simple to make. All one has to do is to paint the nail with black and white stripes. Then make dots with the brush to form a circle. Finally draw the outline to the center of the circle to make a heart.

3D nail art can be done on any nail. This makes the designs very versatile. The most interesting thing about 3D nail art is that the more intricate the designs, the deeper the tone. And the simplest designs are the most frequently used. Designs for toes are also very popular. We can find out the nature of the design and whether to do it myself or seek a professional’s help to fix this.

Nail art is also seen as a gimmick by some and as a ‘ Signs of youth’ by some. But whatever your verdict is on whether it’s gimmick or not, nail art is unique and different. This makes it more interesting and worth trying.

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