What to Do After Permanent Hair Removal

When it comes to permanent hair removal, there are different ways to achieve it. For some, it is a simple quick procedure that can improve self confidence. However, for some others, it is a tedious process that takes years off their natural appearance. These are the people who spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year in an attempt to remove hair forever.

When it comes to hair removal, there are different types of methods available. For some, it is painful while others use methods for months and years to achieve permanent hair removal. However, there are certain methods that are more permanent and less painful. Fortunately, these methods are available to anyone and everyone and there are different ones out there for you.

Two methods that are available and have been around for many years are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Both of these are highly effective and permanent. Electrolysis was actually invented in 1875 for removing hair from the eyebrows.

Today, it is still the only method that is available for permanent eyebrow hair removal. Laser hair removal was actually introduced in the 1990’s but has become popular in the past few years. This is a very effective and efficient method in which light is delivered at a certain wavelength from a device that uses a laser to remove hair follicles and reduce hair growth.

In order to understand how laser removal works, light is actually attracted to the dark colors in the hair follicle. This means that dark colors absorb all of the laser light and convert it into heat. Once the follicle absorbs all of the light, it is damaged and destroyed. It takes just a few treatments to get permanent results and fewer treatments leads to a slower regrowth rate.

Laser hair removal is most ideal for those who have a high tolerance for pain and time. Although there are several other methods available, no other method combines the ability to eliminate unwanted hair with anything close to a guarantee.

If you are looking for the next big thing in permanent hair removal, lasers are the way to go. New lasers are constantly being introduced into the market and show tremendous promise. My personal favorite is the “Epilight” system, which has been around for over 10 years and is the only system approved by the FDA to work with hair shafts thicker than 1/4 inch.

For those who are looking for a longer lasting method, electrolysis is your best bet. Although it is not permanent, it is long lasting and can be a very effective method if you find a good technician.

For those looking for a painless procedure, remember that laser hair removal is not gentle. It can be quite uncomfortable and it is possible to experience burning, itching and irritation. It does yield long-term results however so it is very important to work with a technician who understands what they are doing.

No matter what you decide to use, make sure you look into the credentials of the technician who will be performing your procedure. They should be certified with a high level of education and they should have a portfolio available for you to see before they perform any further treatments.

It is also a good idea to ask them how many years of experience they have. Most hair removal technicians are willing to give you an estimate on how many treatments you may need and if they even know, as this is very important.

A good technician will be happy to tell you how many treatments they have performed in the past and if they know when a treatment will be necessary. Always ask if they know a date when a treatment will be necessary so that you will not waste any money mid treatment.

Once you locate a technician that you feel comfortable with, be sure to ask them all the necessary questions. How long have they been doing this? How many clients have you had with similar hair type? Have they been trained to deal with your specific hair type? Are they educated on how to properly treat thin hair? Have they been involved with the latest professional develop? Are they willing to inspect the salon before you book it for your haircut or color.

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