What to Look For in a Hair Straightener

Do you want to be able to curl your hair with a hair straightener? Sure you do, and the good news is that there is a whole line of hair straightener tools and products that will allow you to do just that. But what do you need in order to get your hair straight to the degree that you are after?

The first thing that you should do is to look at the type of hair that you have. Some people have thick, others curly hair that may go curly even further if it is not treated correctly. If you have the type of hair that is on the hotter side you may want to use a straightener that is designed for that type of hair. If you have the type of hair that is on the cooler side you will want to avoid heat tools altogether. After you have chosen the type of hair that you want to work with you will also want to look at the size of the plates. Smaller plates are perfect for those with short hair that is easy to style. If you have medium length hair you may want to try a straightener that has a standard size plate on it. They are designed for longer hair that you may want to use in straightening.

The accessories that you choose to accompany your hair straightener will also be important. If you have short hair you may want to have hair straightening clips, pins, or butterfly clips to help keep your hair in place. If you have long hair you will want to have hair straightening bands or other similar hair accessories that will enable you to keep your hair straight and out of the way. Finally, if you have thick or curly hair you will want to have some sort of heat protecting product on your hair so that your hair will be protected from the heat of the hair straightener.

The type of hair you have does affect the price of the hair straightener. The higher the quality of the hair straightener the more expensive it will be. If you have the money to spend on a top of the line hair straightener you will be more pleased with the results as well. If you plan on using it only occasionally you will not buy a bottom of the range hair straightener. It will waste your money and it is not necessary to buy a high end straightener to get the results that you want.

Before you make your purchase you must think about what you will be doing with your hair when you have it straightened. If you plan on wearing it down it will be important to buy a hair iron that will protect it from the heat as well. If you plan on blow drying it then you will want to pick up one that has an attachment to protect the hair from the heat as well.

The type of hair you have also determines the cost of the iron. If you have long and beautiful hair you will need more attachments than some others, and this will add to the basic price. Some straighteners come with plates that are only meant for straightening, and these plates will be fine for getting your hair straight. For some, though, you will want to use them to style your hair. This will require changing them for the short hair style you prefer, or buying them to use for blow drying purposes.

If you are not sure which hair straightener is best suited for you, ask your stylist. They will be able to give you a proper assessment of what it is you need. For some, a hair iron is as essential as a pair of shoes. No one would dare dream of asking a person to get a repair done on his or her shoes in order to get a perfect look, so why should you get a haircut or a straighten done on your hair if you don’t have the hair tools? Lbrats would never dream of asking a person to get their hair straightened, and this is something that everyone on planet earth would do if they had their hair straightened by a hair-straightening iron.

No matter how long or how poorly you maintain your hair, it cannot be kept looking neat and bright if you have hair frizzing out all of the time. Say goodbye to that look, and say hello to a sexier hairstyle.

There are really only two reasons why most people want to get their hair straightened:

Some want to repair their hair, and/or protect it from damage.

To save time, and save money.

In a salon, you pay a lot of money for each waxing or service, because you expect it to be done right. In the case of a salon iron, it is really basic and you expect it to do a perfect job.

Thus, it is safe to say that in a salon you have to treat your hair with respect. Do not use the iron too hot, and do not leave it on your hair too long.

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