Why and How to Put on Makeup

society puts a great deal of emphasis on appearance. Makeup is just one of the many products that enhance or alter the appearance. People use mascara, rouge, eye shadow, eye liner and other makeup products. They are all intended to make a person appear as if they are more attractive.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about a possible link between makeup and cancer. Although there is inconclusive evidence, many feel the hype about this issue. This has caused sales of all types of makeup to plunge.

Most people use makeup for several purposes. Eyeliner is used to make the eyes look more appealing. For a night on the town, women will often wear dark lipstick and add glitter and shine to the mix. Goths have been seen wearing various shades of makeup together with black makeup, causing many to believe that makeup can be dangerous.

Worldwide, women wear makeup more than men. Men may occasionally wear blush and mascara, but not as a matter of importance. Nothing is wrong with wanting to look attractive! What’s important is how well the makeup is applied.

How well to apply makeup is determined by those whose goal it is to appear natural. Many women wear makeup so that they can make a statement. It has therefore become more important for women to stay looking youthful, fresh and alive.

Over 70% of American women regularly apply makeup. If for no other reason than to make themselves more attractive, they do it. Look at Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Madonna or actresses like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Many will say they have a loose face and “pose” as women do. Not many women can afford to have plastic surgery, fake eyelashes and tan to look beautiful.

But when asked, they will say they love it. One final thought: wrinkle cream, foundation and concealer make the best, most complete makeup. It is the basis on which a woman’s cosmetics are built upon.

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eye shadow


lipstick and lip stain

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blonde eyebrow pencil

asons to enhance your look?

What is the best way to achieve a young and vibrant look?

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