Why Is Botox So Popular?

The strive to keep ourselves looking young and full of life has led to an increase in the popularity of many forms of cosmetic surgery services and procedures. One of which is the procedure of Botox that has made leaps and bounds in popularity in recent years.

Once very exclusive, Botox is now perceived as more than just a cosmetic procedure, now featuring as a part of many women’s and indeed men’s daily beauty routines. It just seems like everybody is doing it. Botox is being accepted more and more as a treatment for anti-ageing and is becoming increasingly affordable to a vast array of different people.

Women and men around the world see Botox as a means of counter-acting the effects of ageing and so more and more young patients are using Botox as a method of anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing in a bid to fight the ageing process early.

So, what is Botox? Botox is a protein that has been purified that operates by preventing the breakdown of collagen in the facial muscles which, over time, degrade through the use of our facial muscles through expression and speech. Through the breakdown of collagen, skin can begin to sag and wrinkles begin to appear. Botox simply freezes the tiny muscles that are located around the facial areas that cause the wrinkles and other signs of anti-ageing.

If there are still non-Millions of people who have not heard of Botox and are considering getting it for themselves, private clinics have plentiful Botox stock on hand and are happy to sell the treatment. However, the Trust has warned that there could be problems ahead in terms of proliferation of fake Botox Cosmetic.

Millions of people have already flocked to undergo the treatment and the trend is increasing at a blistering rate. Now, the question that remains is how does this procedure work and Why is Botox so popular?

Botox involves the injection of a chemical, whose name has been shortened to Botulinum Toxin from now on, into the facial muscles, usually while the patient is suffering from an emotional mood shift. Botulinum Toxin works by relaxing the muscles and a slightanasine like feeling is caused which eventually disappears after a short while.

In order to understand how Botox works, one must understand why we do not all start aging at the same time, and therefore, why different persons show different symptoms at different ages. Aging is a natural process and everyone is different with certain genetic make-up. However, stress, genetics and disease, severe mental and emotional stress and trauma can add years to a person’s life.

Aging involves changes in the skin and this changes will manifest in the form of wrinkles and sagging. There are three main types of wrinkles and these are known as crow’s feet, smile and frown lines.

Crow’s feet is a term used to describe the brow’s outer corner, the part where the eyebrow meets the base of the nose. The term can also be used on the forehead. This area is particularly cares for as it has a particularly important role in the expressions.

Stress lines or Facial tension linesEpilation or Excessive hair growth

In certain societies this has more affect on women than on men, especially in professions where you need to maintain a strict schedule or routine. Also, in some cultures, it is considered attractive. This is where plastic surgery comes in.

For women, losing facial fat is a great discovery because it makes their facial features appear more appealing. It also helps for the women to appear thinner and therefore their breasts can appear bigger.

For men, losing facial fat is not as important as for women. However, it does help since it makes the facial muscles look visually tighter. This visual effect is particularly enjoyed by the men in field service as it makes their faces look tougher and looks more serious.

Selecting a plastic surgeon

One should always prefer a plastic surgeon who is from the medical profession. Always ask for references from other doctors as surgeons can leak details of their patients.

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